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I compose and release music (when I have the time and energy to do so!). I've released 2 EPs under the name of Flip Martian and I'm currently working on instrumental electronica under the name of Flote.


My first EP, Love Honour Obey, features 4 tracks, all produced by Sam Wale. I had some great feedback from this, and it had good reviews too, which is nice (check out this one and this one, for example). Below is the preview video.

The second EP was Strange Delusions, a collaboration I did Jules Straw, from Pinklogik which worked rather well. A bit heavier than the first release, the EP features a few remixes by various people. You can check out the tracks by clicking on the sleeve image below.

Strange Delusions

Flote is my latest musical project. At the moment there are 2 tracks available for free download. I've got a dozen or so tracks suitable for release under this name but all need work to flesh them out - this is being done as and when time allows. In the meantime, why not check out the free tracks by clicking on the image below?