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Radio Shows

The main show I do now is Live and Loud! - a show where I repair and remaster rare live gig recordings. All shows broadcast so far are now in the Live and Loud! archive - illustrated information on each gig, along with the setlist and a link to where you can download for free.


New shows are uploaded every week or so, and I usually post details on Twitter when they're up. Or, if you're on Facebook, I have a Facebook group and a page and I keep those regularly updated with the latest news of what's coming up and what's been uploaded. The Facebook group is here and/or the Flip Martian page on Facebook here


Since 2012, I've been lucky enough to have done a fair bit of music radio via internet radio, and then in 2015, starting a fortnightly oldies show called 20th Century Plus on Phonic FM, serving the local community down in Exeter via FM and also the world via the internet.


I've done well over a hundred shows, showcasing new talent as well as playing old tunes. I've also put some mixes together and the odd special themed show, including a 2 hour show highlighting the music of Jean Michel Jarre, which included quite a few rare tracks. The best of those shows (including the ones I've done for Phonic FM) can be found online, always available to stream, on Mixcloud via the link below.